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Customized shredding service in Delaware,
Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Private information, such as bank statements, business contracts, medical records, strategic documents, etc., are confidential materials produced daily in every business. Business espionage professionals consider trash the single most available source of private information. When this data ends up in a dumpster, it’s easily and legally available to anyone.

Help the environment through resource recovery.

Every box of paper you shred saves your local landfill from filling up too soon. Ever box of paper that you recycle saves approximately 35 gallons of water. Every two boxes of paper you shred saves one tree. Shredding paper not only saves your business from disaster, but helps our environment. And shredding paper saves your tax bill from going up.

Tree with paper shreddings

You can positively contribute to the environment by partnering with IDSAutoshred.

Not only will you lower your Company’s green footprint, but IDSAutoshred has recently invested in a fleet of new trucks. Our new fleet “Certified Clean Idle” diesel trucks means that we are using the most fuel efficient trucks possible while emitting the fewest particulates into the atmosphere.

Your paper products processed by IDSAutoshred trucks are recycled at paper mills for future use.

Paper mills employ over 150,000 American, generating payroll in excess of $6.5m annually. With mills in Canada, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio, you are helping to supply an important local industry with high quality raw materials.

Your contribution to the environment can be measured in many ways.

1 ton of paper shred and recycled saves:

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Gallons of Oil

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Kilowatts of Energy

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Gallons of Water

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