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New Jersey Shredding.

Mobile On-site, Document Destruction Service.
NAID & AAA Certified.
We shred confidential assets including paper, IT and premium goods at your business or home.

Serving The Entire State of New Jersey

Every business produces confidential information regarding its employees, clients, and assets. Protecting your secure data and personal identity from falling into the wrong hands is not just a good business practice, it’s the law.

IDSAutoshred protects your confidential data from falling into the wrong hands through our secure document destruction process.

We Offer 10% Discount On Your First Shredding Job.

IDSAutoshred collects your confidential materials and destroys them immediately at your location. Our secure process is much safer than having confidential records picked up and transported for off-site recycling, as other companies do.

Security + Efficiency = IDSAutoshred! A bonded, insured IDSAutoShred Security Rep’s actions replace all duties otherwise assigned to your office’s paper collector, the truck driver carrying your confidential materials, plus the off-site recycling facility’s warehouse staff, paper sorters and balers.

Contact us today for a free consultation and begin your service!

IDSAutoshred securely transports your documents and materials (whether stapled, clipped or bound) to our state of the art, 24/7 alarmed and video monitored secured off site facility. IDSAutoshred safely destroys your documents and IT data using our industrial grade pulverizing shredders. A Chain of Custody manifest (Service Orders), detailed receipts and Certificates of Destruction are provided for each service performed.

IDSAutoshred recommends their secure off site shred facility for a more economical “Drop-N-Shred” or high volume less sensitive document destruction service.

IDSAutoshred offers a large variety of Non-Document Destruction Services.

Non-Document Destruction

  • CD-ROMs/CD-Rs/DVDs
  • Computer Backups
  • Microfiche
  • X-Rays
  • Videotapes
  • Cassette Tapes
  • Casino Chips
  • Product Samples
  • Prototypes
  • Hard Drives
  • Clothing & Uniform

If you have a custom non-document destruction need, give us a call.  We’ve seen it all! 

Community shredding services are great opportunities to help protect individuals from Identity Theft and Consumer Fraud!

People often keep sensitive, personal documents, like bank and investment statements, long after they need them. Those documents could make you vulnerable to fraud. IDSAutoshred offers peace of mind while helping people clean out unneeded paperwork!

We can work with you to ensure safe, effective, and properly performed document destruction. Our mobile shredding trucks will arrive at the location of the Community IDSAutoshred Event.

ATTN: Municipal or City Organizers… Contact IDSAutoshred to schedule an on-site document shredding event.

Have Questions?

Call IDSAutoshred for the Right Solution to Your Document Destruction Service Needs.

Industries We Serve

IDSAutoshred  services over a dozen industries including automotive, banking, and more. Our Document Destruction Service is an essential operating protocol every business should utilize.

Monthly Shredding Plan

IDSAutoshred is offers recurring shredding and recycling plans for your business that are custom tailored to your needs. Call us to discuss your volume and compliance needs.

Bins & Consoles

For our recurring clients, your business will be supplied with either locking consoles or locking rolling bins. Explore the variety of containers for your document shredding needs.

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

Why Shred Private Documents?

Business espionage professionals consider trash the single most available source of private information. Data in a dumpster is easily and legally available to anyone who retrieves it.

We will Ensure That You Comply with the Law

Federal and state legislation mandates the secure disposal of consumer data. Compliance with these privacy policies isn’t just good business practice, it’s the law!

Help the environment through resource recovery.

Did you know? One ton of paper using recycled fiber saves 17 trees, 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space, 350 gallons of water and 100 gallons of gasoline.

Free up your staff to do more important work

The time support staff spent hourly each week manually shredding documents is now eliminated, and they can do more important tasks required of them.

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