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Shred Truck Purring like a Kitten, Literally

One of IDSAutoshred’s drivers got the surprise of a lifetime this week.

All our shred truck drivers are required to perform a daily, pre-trip, vehicle inspection.  At 6:00am on a chilly morning, one of our drivers was shocked to discover a team of mechanics working under the hood.  In this case, the mechanics were 3 adorable, gray kittens.  The fluffy intruders must have curled up on the warm engine block in the evening and spent overnight in a cozy, dry environment.

We’re pleased to report the kittens are safe, happy, and have been reunited with their mother.

However, many questions remain:

  • How can a kitten hold a wrench, without opposable thumbs?
  • Were the gray kittens white before crawling under the hood?
  • Are the kittens hoping to find work shredding paper (with their sharp claws)?


Kittens in a Shred Truck