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On-Site Mobile Shredding

IDSAutoshred onsite shredding service is more secure than off-site services

Why expose your confidential materials to numerous transporters before they reach their final off-site shredding location?

There are many chances for error with off-site shredding service providers. For instance, the office’s paper collector to the truck driver to the many employees involved in the ware house sorting and shredding process. Secure your information with IDSAutoshred’s on-site service instead.

The fewer the steps, the more secure your materials are. IDSAutoshred collects your confidential materials and destroys them immediately on the spot. Our secure process is much safer than having confidential records picked up and transported for off-site shredding, as other companies do.

Locked security consoles keep materials safe from curious janitors or waste management employees when you’re not around. And your materials need not be entrusted to more than one company or person. A bonded, insured IDSAutoshred driver’s actions replace all duties otherwise assigned to your office’s paper collector, the driver of the truck carrying your confidential materials, plus the off-site shredding facility’s warehouse staff, paper sorters and shredders.

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